Redesigned Kindle Potentially Leaked with Spy Photos



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Wake me up when there's a color version with full PDF and open document support.



Keith E. Whisman

it's spy pictures dude. it's all secret. It's not even for sure if these things are legit or what they appear to be. THEY COULD BE ONLY A COUPLE OF INCHES IN DIAMETER.



Didn't do great the first round so I don't see how they can be making another one. It's even larger, which really doesn't make sense. Isn't everything going portable? They don't even tell if the screen got bigger. If it did then I would forgo the criticism in light of the rebirth. Of a fatter baby.



I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Kindle as a failure. On the contrary, reports last summer had the eBook reader accounting for 12 percent of sales of the 130,000 titles Amazon carries in both physical and downloadable form. And despite the sticker shock, it's estimated that Amazon has sold over 240,000 Kindles since November, which would put sales around the $100 million mark.

Casting aside consumer complaints (where's the PDF support!?), it's not difficult to see why Amazon would release another version, which likely won't be the last.

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