Redbox, Verizon Teaming Up to Launch New Streaming Service



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I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not very interested in standing in the grocery store for 1.5-2 hours, watching my rental movie on their vending machine.

Seriously. Verizon can't stream it over their network. To hear them scream about unlimited dataplans and the need to charge per gigabyte, you'd think their network was one more download from melting.

I just don't see how this is going to work.




I hope it's not exclusive to Verizon service. I've been waiting for another great streaming service to come along and they have what it takes to compete with Netflix. With Verizon involved I can't imagine the price will be cheap. Just my opinion. We'll be lucky if it's $10 or less.



ha just wish I could get fios

I'm stuck with residential dsl at a max 3mips

in reality I usually get 1.5-2

I'm afraid if I drop to the lower plan I'll only get .5




same. i feel you.



If only Verizon would offer this to subscribers at no additional charge...and while they're at it they could make 35U/100D Mbit FiOS the minimum instead of the maximum residential FiOS speed.

A FiOS subscriber can dream.



I was getting consistent 75Mbps download speed tests over a Docsis 3 cable modem for a few months before COX throttled my back to the usual 30Mbps that I was actually paying for... Don't need FIOS for some blistering speed.
Funny thing was that there was really NO difference in my online activity between the two speeds. Yeah, sometimes I would break 5MBs on a download at the higher end speed but halving it only brought me down to a consistent 4MBs that I steady state at now. I guess it is more to do with the web than the raw speed.



FiOS is the only real residential ISP I can choose from. Thankfully they seem to be the superior option.

The "local" cable company has abhorrent speeds, I refuse to use Comcast (I'd annihilate their paltry 250 GB/month limit), and there isn't anyone else.

I recently got my FiOS speed bumped up and the difference is earth-shattering for me (provided I'm not on wireless G). Pulling 5-7 MB/s downloads on Steam is awesome. Using uTorrent without an upload speed cap and uploading a few TB in under a's one step closer to ISP nirvana for me. ;)

If Verizon would up the minimum FiOS speed to what is currently their maximum, without a rate hike, I'd be ecstatic. If they could bundle in this streaming service without a rate hike (like the Xbox 360 streaming), I _guess_ I could live with that.



Sounds more like mushrooms to me. :)

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