Redbox Renews Agreement with Walmart, Cuts Ties with Warner Bros.



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So demand 56 day wait period in hopes that people will just go out and buy the movie? I don't know about other people, but whether a movie is available on Netflix/Redbox has no impact or influence on my purchases. The only thing WB is doing is hurting themselves by losing business with Redbox.



Not a fan, though refusing a customer with their kind of inventory is short sided when brick and mortars have vanished while queues are lengthening behind the rising machines. Whats really strangled the industry is all the regions protectionists insist upon that drive audiences elsewhere to the content they seek.



Do you think WB realizes this doesn't sell DVDs, it just promotes piracy? If I have the choice between waiting 2 months or clicking 4-5 times they are put in a very unfavorable position.

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