Redbox Instant Opens Its Streaming Doors to the Public



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What's this about renting titles for 5 to 6 dollars? Who pays that much per title to just rent it? Terrible value.



same people who use pay-per-view movies on cable or dish.



I'll stick to renting from the Redbox kiosks. Some months I rent just one movie others 2 to 5. I have tried Netflix and Hulu Plus but I don't find enough to view to justify $8.00 a month.



Problem with content is that the same content providers that agreed to provide to Netflix, Hulu, etc. will be the same ones that provide Redbox too, while the ones that haven't, won't. So essentially, all the services will share like 90% of the content.

They mention 'lots of devices', no mention of Xbox or PS3 (I only watch Netflix through my PS3).

Do they provide Closed Captions? Amazon Prime Video surprisingly doesn't (at least not in the PS3), and that's why even though I'm a Prime customer, I don't use Amazon Prime Video.



According to their site, they support quite a bit EXCEPT the PS3. Windows, Mac, iPad, android tablets, phones, XBOX 360, etc.



Ran through the beta last month and I have to say that I was very unimpressed. Their selection was very poor, horrible even. There was nothing that Redbox had that I could not find on either Netflix or Amazon. It is also basically impossible to casually browse in any meaningful way. It is also hard to differentiate between what is available to watch for free, what you can purchase and what is available at the kiosk. The 4 free disc rentals per month are nice but I cant see how they can compete with Netflix unless they get some kind of exclusive deal with some major film/TV companies.



Will Verizon be taking a page from Comcast's book and make Redbox streams over their cellular data network not count against bandwidth?

I'd like to see some integration with the Verizon set-top boxes (hopefully better than their poor VOD integration) for convenience.

Though if the streaming doesn't come included with FiOS or other verizon offerings I can't see myself, or anyone I know with Verizon, picking it up. The blu-ray credits for RedBox are nice, but I don't think that's enough for me.

At least they're on "open" Android from the start, unlike a certain Amazon Prime. That's a leap in the right direction.



"You can sign up for a 1-month free trial..."

Not if you live outside the USA, apparently. Even in Canada, where there is a Redbox outside a drug store about 5 minutes from my house, the streaming service is unavailable.




If you're outside the US, I don't believe that you can truly "live". I'm thinking that "subsist" might be a better verb lol.

I couldn't resist; outside of Quebec (and the roads), Canada seems decent enough and it does irk me that as soon as I cross the border that unless I VPN I am all but deprived of my legal streams. One of my streaming apps newly requires GPS access. So far I haven't had any issues, but I wouldn't be shocked if it tried to put the kibosh on VPN viewing.



And I think that's a big mistake.
I was really excited when I heard that Netflix was coming to Canada. What a let down, their library sucks compared to the states.
There was all sorts of rumors about big (well Canadian big) cable having our CRTC hobble Netflix's selection. Then that it was big media. Turns out that it's the person running Netflix in Canada. Just doesn't give a sh@t.
If Redbox decided to make an end run around Netflix with a much larger library, then considering there's a box in my workplace, I'd be in big time.
Oh well there's always good old PB.



I don't know if it is fixed now, but when I ran the beta it would constantly buffer (every 10-15 seconds or so) and I couldn't run it on my rooted devices. The credits were nice, but the selection is pathetic for streaming.



I'll have to check out the selection, but that 4 rental credits is definitely a bonus. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have considered it.

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