Redbox Blu-Ray Rentals Pegged at $1.50 a Pop



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The only complaint I had about Redbox was the lack of blu-ray. This is great news!



Once again, this only makes me wish I had come up with RedBox and rolled it out first.  Not only have they taken the idea of the local corner video store into the new century, but their success has shown them reality, and they'll be even more successful by offering the "next best thing" at only a small premium.  Sure, you still have to go to the corner grocery store or McDonald's, but for $1 to $1.50, it competes with Pay-per-view better than Blockbuster or Movie Gallery can. 

Currently, it seems that only online streaming services can compete with this. Even Blockbuster is having to get into this game.  In the next few years, once the pricing structures adjust, I think On Demand/Online Streaming will overtake kiosks for 50% of people (i.e. those who have the technology available in their living room in some form).  For the other 50%, these Kiosks, open 24/7, will take over where B&M video stores once met their on-demand rental needs.  Netflix may still have a place, but I think they will be as much an online streaming presence as a movies-by-mail presence. 

I say expect a pay-per-rental option from Netflix soon, along with an improved streaming selection.  I'd also expect to start seeing streaming-only packages and premium all-you-can-watch packages that include the general catalog along with the on-demand new releases they should soon have.



AMAZING! if that is the true price i am sold! i was guessing that blurays would be more around the $4 - $5 like a regular rental store. I always though dvd's were so cheap because that is the medium on its way out.

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