Record Setting Roadrunner Supercomputer Shuts Down for Good



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Interesting that the PS3-based supercomputer is put to pasture about the same time that Sony announces that it is finally letting the haggard old PS3 retire.

I'm not sure I'd want a piece of that as the Opterons are now heavily aged, the Cell processors I couldn't use and the power for any of it is more than I want to spend. I'd also need one hell of a UPS to make sure the thing wasn't taken out by one of the frequent power "blips" around here.

Where are our modern nuclear reactor plants so I could afford to wantonly use electricity with no downside? We're just letting the stuff waste away, literally, underground. Might as well put it to use. 'Tis hard living in a state that wants to make electricity prices _higher_ to get the money to build & sustain offshore windmills.



That must be a typo - 2.3 kilowatts of power is nothing - about what 30 light bulbs consume. At 10 cents per kilowatt hour, that's only about $5 a day, $2000 per year. Besides, 2300 watts is barely more than some power systems built by Maximum PC readers. I would guess that it's probably using more like 2.3 megawatts.



Good catch -- the actual number is 2,345 kilowatts, or 2.3 megawatts.



Yeah but can it run Crysis?


John Pombrio

Anyone want a deal on some slightly used Opteron processors? Only been running full bore for a few years.



So... can I have a node or two... or 10?



Why stop there? They did say they wanted to decommission it ;)

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