Rechargeable Battery Concept Doubles as a USB Drive



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Gimme a USB Car Battery and I might think it was worth it.

That's sarcasm in case you can't tell.

A USB capable rechargeable battery? WTF?

My 16GB Voyager is just slightly larger than a AA holds much more information and has more upside than this thing.

Most remotes these days are AAA powered. My TI-89 Platinum is powered by 4 of them if that tells you anything. No Cell phone takes a AA. Handheld game devices take more than one but don't give you USB capability.

About the only thing the design is good for is the inner 007 in all of us. Even then it won't take much to fill up the drive. Oh and just to be clear, I've had friends and family throw out standard rechargeable AA batteries. That was a waste of $8 on a brand new set each time. In a perfect world, it's a great idea. A world where nothing is completely within your control? Not hardly.

As useful as a pair of shoes made of lead.



I disagree, the battery part is just the beginning. You could then get a usb key with a built in flashlight. Perhaps the battery could instead act as an emergency cell phone battery (assuming voltage could be matched of course). It would also be nothing to make it a two AA pack instead of one.

My point is, it's not about what use is one AA, it's about once these two ideas are merged, where can we go with it?



The concept at this stage is already a fail. I'm a techy, and the only things I need AA batteries are for my remote controls (which lasts about a year) and my Xbox-360 remote control. Both devices needs 2 batteries. And even if the batteries deplete, the abillity to not be able to use my Xbox360 remote isn't considered an emergency. My digital cameras use proprietary rechargeable batteries - like most cameras. I could see this idea working if instead of a battery, it can be used to emergency charge your cell phone or other devices (like those standalone emergency chargers).



I agree, most devices need 2 batteries and they die at the same time.  On the flip side, why would you want to carry 2 USB keys?  I'm sure there's some tech people or others that need or want multiple USB drives, but for the average Joe I don't think this technology would make sense.  4 gigs isn't that much either.



Not a bad concept, but how often do you need ONE AA?  Would probably be better if this was a charger that accepted cables like some of the emergency phone batteries out there.

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