Recent Twitter Hacks Highlight Social Networking Vulnerabilities



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I dunno if i'm alone but it seems that there are WAY too many passwords to remember, now-a-days. I need at least a dozen at work that are force changed regularly AND then you figure an active online-elife... no way to keep up unless you start to reuse passwords or phrases.

 I think at some point the security-a-philes need to remember life styles as well as to place the proper perspective on certain 'secured' activities at this point. Hells, the bank i use, alone, demanded i use 5 or 6 different questions to remember the answers to ... to be used at random... to check how much money I (no longer) have after bills. >.<

They even use them at the counter... where the agent recognises me on sight, and asks me about recent life events... just before asking me what I wanted to be when i grew up, and what my favourite colour is... to check said account. :P

 I'm starting to feel like i'm dating my bank... but they never listen to the answer. :P  Maybe they are just into dating loads of people at the same time and can't keep up. lawls



Twitter just needs to pack it's bags and run while they still can.

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