Realtime Worlds Promises “Major Overhaul” of All Points Bulletin



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I bought and played this game this past weekend, and I was very pleasantly suprised.  Very fast action style open world combat.  Very very easy to group up with others.  Many instances already available, and you can still quest alone if you want.  I had a blast last night as an Enforcer, dodging bullets, helping out, solo questing and taking out some criminals.  Game does need some fixing.  Controling a vehicle is ridiculous, but you can drive just about anything.  More npc interacting would be nice too, but again I've only been playing APB for 24 hours.  I will skip WoW tonight and go for it again.



You're exactly right.  AoC had such great potential, but came out at least a year too early.  I hope these game developers can start making great quality mmo's without the huge pressure of a deadline.  too bad.



The game play seems like it's ok. It uses the UT3 engine to great effect. The payment model is really nice too, it's good to see something different in the MMO industry. But like Hellgate: London before it, I declare this game dead. The development teams always mean well, and I hope them the best. I know they belive in the product they're delivering ... but sometimes it just doesn't come together. This game released before it was done. Good luck finishing it while loosing the people that would have been the largest fanatics (early adopters).



Major overhauls should be done in beta before the game is released, not after it is released. This is why Age of Conan did so poorly.

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