RealNetworks Announces DVD Copying Tool, Downplays Legal Peril



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this is worse. By copying your dvd´s with this aplication you are actually losing rights. Last time I checked I could watch my dvd´s on any dvd player, not only on the ones who have certain software installed.



"The buyer of the RealDVD application would be able to make one copy of a
DVD that could be played on only one computer. The digital copy could
be transferred to up to five additional computers.
However, to transfer the film to a new computer would require each computer to
have its own copy of the RealDVD application. The application is unable
to copy HD films at this time."

So you can break a company's DRM measures only if you put some more on top of them?
That sounds like DRM nightmare there.
How is this any better than Handbrake again? Oh yeah, It's 30 dollars more expensive

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