Real-Guitar Music Game Lets You Rock Your PC



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This is not a game. And I'm fairly sure that this will drag as many people away from Guitar Hero as a live firing range would drag people from FPS's. Not that it's a bad idea, the problem is marketing it. You can't sell it as an interactive teaching program (what it is), because it will land firmly into PC program purgatory. If you sell it as Guitar Hero with a real guitar, then some Guitar Hero players might buy it. Get frustrated with the real thing, toss the program and the guitar in a closet somewhere. But they have your money by then so its all good.



I've always though about this, ever since the first Guitar Hero (only because I play real guitar). I always though it would be really awesome if you could have a game where you play a real guitar, but then I was always stumped by the fact that there are 22 frets and 6 strings....which lead to an endless posibility of notes. But If they've found a way to do it, I'll most likely get it to see how it long as you don't have to buy their specific guitar.



Since I got my guitar (I got one pretty cheap so I figured why not), I've been looking for a program that could teach me to play interactively. I can plug the guitar into my PC and use software to tune it, so there's no reason why software that analyzes the output frequency couldn't use it as a controller for interactive training. The same goes for MIDI-out keyboards which I wasn't able to find any training software for either. Why not?



What kind of crazy ass guitar are you playing?


I would LOVE to see something like this take off.  It would be great if people were actually learning to play a real guitar as they played a Guitar Hero style game.  Alas I am afraid The Murph is right.  A real guitar might just be too complicated as a video game controller.  



I'm pretty sure I saw an identical-if-not-damn-close version of this at last year's CES.  It looked like the most complicated rhythm game known to Man, and that's even counting those crazy rhythm games in the Asian gaming market.  You know, those ones that look like someone is pounding out Rachmaninoff at 220 BPM.

In short, nobody wants to use video games to play the actual guitar -- ironic as that might be.

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