Real iPad 3 to Stand Up in Late 2012



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I assume anything added to the iPad 2G can be ported back to the iPad 2 (and possibly Android) a few days after release?



So the fanbois will stand in line for the ipad 2 1/2 like they did for the iphone 4 1/3. Why of course they will. After all kids love new toys.


Holly Golightly

Let's see what the iPad 2G will offer... A compass and enhanced clock. Lighter in weight, same exact specs... That is Apple for you.



We'll add a new updated IOS, then make it available to the IPad 2 later on.  We'll make it lighter and alittle faster.  Though nobody is really bitching about the performance of the Ipad 2 in the first place.  This sounds like a ploy by Apple to make more money from people and offer a minimal update as always.  But they'll sell an bunch of these cause people will want that NEW Apple product. 

At the same time this is the 2nd product that Apple has done this with SINCE "The Messiah" died.  I see alot of disgruntled Apple fans who will buy the product and bitch about using it the whole time then say Apple is great.  I am seeing a lose in status and worth coming in Apples future. 



Apple CEO1: "Hey the iPad 3 wont be out till end of 2012, is there someway we can make millions of dollars in the meantime?"


Apple CEO2: "Well we could make some minor changes to the iPad2 and add a letter on the end of it and sell those again!"


Apple CEO1: "Do you think our sheep will fall for that?"


Apple CEO2: "They have before!"


Apple CEO1 & CEO2: "Mwuahahahahaha..."



I LoL'd at this.  Cause it's true.




(Apple CEO1, via Ouija Board, you mean.)

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