Ready or Not, Windows XP SP3's Coming to Automatic Updates - New Tips Added



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Installed SP3 on several machines, as well as my own home ones, and It seems to work, nothing broken, but I dont see any noticable improvements either.

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It would seem that a fresh install is the way to go. I slipstreamed SP3 into a fresh install (thanks Murph) and y computer is running very happy and healthy. In fact, It gave me USB 2 support (prior to this I didn't have SP2 and my old via chipset needed it for 2.0 for some reason), and more importantly, it solved all the issues I was having with my HD2600XT AGP card.

 I know this is the result of a clean install, and not directly SP3, but it's still a great feeling, and SP3 gave me all the security updates to boot. It's still early, but no issues so far.


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I have had to reinstall Windows on two machines thus far. Both machines used wireless (a laptop and my media center), however, I think that is irrelevant. I do know that both systems were fresh installs updated from SP1 up to SP2, then to SP3.

 Issue: Computer was unable to login to Windows in safe mode and in regular modes. The errors exclaimed that Windows was unable to allocate sufficient resources to create the user profile (and some other vaguity). 

The apparent solution (I haven't upgraded these machines to SP3, laptop is running Windows Server/PC-BSD) is to ensure having Windows Installer 3.1 or above prior to updating SP3. One must chose custom, obviously and select Installer, deselecting SP3 of course. If Installer 3.1 is not visible to Update, then one must search Microsoft's Download site for the executable. I haven't tested this, but others whom I have e-mailed report the same exact problem and the above appeared to solve their issues.

Good luck!



all games would freeze, cod all, hellgate, farcry, bf1 and 2, online games americas army operations, combat arms it didnt matter.



had a problem running all games with sp3 installed 3 times, everytime i updated all drivers and still no good, got xphome sp2 running w/no problems.  good enough for me.



Same here. I've been running it in Windows XP Professional 32-bit for a month now and no issues.



I installed SP3 once it was available as a stand-alone download, and had zero issues. 

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