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I've been flying a lot over the last few years and I've never seen any power outlets on flights unless you have the domestic UPGRADE seats. I flew Delta last November and there were no power outlets in domestic. Business class, first class and the upgraded domestic had them, as well as extra leg room, etc but the tickets were about 100 dollars more expensive than general domestic seating AKA coach. It's like this on many airlines now. Maybe in the last 6 months they've upgraded though. I'm flying Northwest in a few weeks but I doubt they'll have them.



$10 for three hours or less? $13 for more?  They might as well just fold another five dollars into the ticket price and make it free to access.  Surely enough people would NOT take advantage of it that they would still make their money and they would have the added bonus of saying, "Hey! Free WiFi!".



sounds good, but will i be able to power my laptop?  unless they also roll out power outlets throughout the entire plane, this feature will be nothing more than a useless novelty. 



I believe Delta has always had normal power outlets.. at least that's what my friend says, and he flies with Delta several times a year.

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