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PDF archive is a great and leading idea that all other magazines should follow.

meanwhile, i was surprised that google book contains much more issues than MPC own PDF archive.

waiting to see other issues in the PDF archive. thanks in advance.

MPC is my home page



I was reading the March 1992 issue of Popular Science.  It talks about the beginning of the NREN (National Research and Education Network, an early portion of the Internet), and they mention "Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore Jr, who first proposed such a network more than a decade ago..."



Nunc est bibendum!

Rather ironic that the Google thing is more up-to-date than the MPC PDF archives. Maybe MPC should hire the Google staff to keep their website up to date for them?

Kidding (with only a small hint of sincerity in my criticism) BTW. I do buy the magazine religiously - reading an electronic magazine on the internet is no replacement for reading a paper version on the crapper or in the bathtub, or any other time I don't feel like staring at a laptop screen. I do like the online version for being able to go back through old copies without actually finding those old copies. I have thousands of magazines here, including Maximum PC dating back to the Boot days and just about every car magazine printed since the mid 80's, so finding old articles can be a bit of a chore. I do wish other magazines would follow MPC's lead and put back issues online - it would make going back much easier. For instance it'd be easier to find the old late 90's Toyota ads touting the company's full range of SUV's (they actually called themselves "The full line SUV company") to show to people that think that the only car Toyota makes or has ever made is the Prius while $h1tt1ng on the domestics for forcing SUV's down everyone's throats...



so what does this mean for the PDF archive?

will you still be adding to it? or are you just going to let Google do the work for you? 



Thanks to this partnership, I was able to find the first article I wrote for Maximum PC monthly,  RAM - All Questions Answered (it's on page 48 of the March 2004 issue). Very cool!


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



... kill off the paper edition?

 Seems to be less content in the paper version over time, lots more multi-page ad's, and the web site is going great.

Lots of the paper content is on the web site really soon after I read the magazine. Not all, to be sure, like the i7 review, but lots. I think the Intel SSD review was on the web first. But I admit, I can't keep track.

Which is my point. Granted, the paper copy is inexpensive. Still, I'd rather buy 2 sixes of modestly good beer with the money.







im pretty stoked about this, im gonna head on over to check it out now.  lots of valuable info available. thanks google!

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