Razer Unveils Mass Effect 3-Branded Peripherals



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Corded controller? Fail. I understand these are aimed at the tournament circuit, but that's a pretty niche market.
I guess this could be used on a pc, though, depending on what the controls are setup like. That would give it twice as much value.



A cordless controller would be nice for the PC. I bought the Xbox 360 tourney edition a few months ago and I love it, except for the super long USB cord. When I'm sitting next to my computer I don't need a 15 foot cord. It gets tangled around the feet on my office chair and in the cord for my headset.



I bought a Razer X360 PC controller just before Christmas last year although I don't believe that the PC version of ME3 will have support for it at all (couldn't use it during the demo). It looks like the bonuses may be for MP only. I wonder how much stronger it'll make the Collector's Assault Rifle for those who have it (like myself).

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