Razer Unsheathes Blade 2 Gaming Laptop



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thats not a gaming machine.. thats garbage. hardware wise. it is pretty tho. 660m? LOL. u can get a clevo with a 680m for 1800 usd. the 660m is bottom of the barrel along with the 650m.



It sure is pretty... ...expensive.



Their mice are overpriced and poor in quality. Why should I believe this laptop is any different?



Still pricey, but a much improved value now.



There is no reason to buy this over a sager, alienware, or msi You can get the gtx 680 and ssd drive for less then this price with Sager
and so what, the razor is thinner it still is 17 inches and another 2 or 3 pounds you can have a laptop that is future proof for 3 years. That 660 is weak if you want to hook it up to a 30 inch ultrasharp monitor like I do with my sli Alienware. You just can't fit the 680m in a thin laptop right now and cool it. You can buy many different laptops with the same specs of the Razor for more then 500 dolllars cheaper because that graphics card is nothing special and they dont even offer a full 256 ssd. The razor may have its fun in the sun in a year or two when more powerful graphics can fit in a thin case. Until then I will only roll with 7979m or 680m cards until my laptop is ready to be replaced.



They are being a little stingy with the storage space and that right hand side keyset is little more than a gimmick, since your left hand will be on WASD and right hand on the mouse meaning you will almost never make use of it.

Buy a MSI or Asus G serie laptop and use the leftover money to get a 512GB SSD; you should still have something extra.



You should consider Samsung's gaming laptops, too. I have the first 700G and it outspecced MSI and ASUS for a lower cost at the time. Their second series should be coming out soon.



No thanks, got tired of Razer gimmicks long ago!



lol +1

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