Razer Teases August 26th Announcement To Prove PC Gaming Isn’t Dead



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PC gaming isn't dead, it just isn't as glorious financially thanks to consoles and piracy.

PC gaming is alive thanks to Blizzard, MMO's, and somewhat interest in BF3.

Piracy somewhat keeps it alive. 


I don't buy Razor products products anyways.  Pro gamers use crusty old keyboards and mice that is usually repaired or replaced anyways.



consoles cant replace PC! if consoles right now got 2x fermi gpu's or northern islands gpu's (barts, cayman & antilles) then i'll affirm that.. :D xenos R600 for xbox 360 and RSX NV47 for PS3 very medieval...



Are we finally starting the robot rebllion?




I'm a PC fanboy from the getgo. 386SX, 386DX, 486DX, Pentium I, II, III, air cooled, open case, watercooled, TEC cooled, short of liquid nitrogen (LN2), I've done it all...

But let's face it, for this many important faces in the industry to HAVE to come out to remind consumers the PC isn't dead? 

Before, I can understand. You need the SLI on your 30" to play your Crysis 2. But really, we're plateau'ing out. Is Prey 2 really that different from Crysis? A little programming to change gravity ... ok... the eye candy has been great, but how much eye candy going to really change the game?

It's not at a full stop, but things have definitely slowed down. Dont' want to admit it, but why are people trying to "convince" us it's not dead? The mere idea was mumbo jumbo 2, 3 years ago.. nowadays, it's become a true question. That in itself should philosophically say, yes, it's coming closer than we want to believe.

Bottom line, the big players better come up with something new to the table. Apple's been spotlight hoggin for a while now, I sure hope Razer's got an Ace up it's sleeve.




Obvious troll is obvious.

If you knew anything, you do NOT need to do SLI to play Crysis 2 (whoever told you so is an idiot.) and it has become WAY cheaper to have a high quality gaming experience now ($600 or so gets you a PC that plays Crysis 2 at good framerates.)

The reason people think PC gaming is dead is because of consoles, and if you haven't been reading news, the PC has been getting a LOT of attention from developers this year (BF3 is PC developed first, Skyrim will have DX11 support, so many indie games, not to mention Unreal is returning to its roots now making PC games.)


Adam Wolfe

FYI he said you require SLI to play Crysis 2 on a 30" screen, which is most likely 2560x1600 resolution by the way. A single card doesn't have the required power to run this resolution at decent framerates, let alone for Crysis 2. Read more carefully before you start throwing around the word Troll.



I'm pretty sure a single GTX 580 (maybe with 3GB of ram instead of 1.5GB) would do just fine. There's no mention to resolution or quality.


Holly Golightly

LOL, this is too funny!!! It reminds me of Anonymous message to FaceBook for November 5th. The censored voice and everything. I could not help but to laugh my ass off soo gosh darn hard. But what Razer is saying... Is the truth. PC Gaming has never died. Console Gamers, Tablet lovers, and all else outside the PC Gaming passion, think that playing games on a computer is dead, when it is so not!  I think this big hub bub is all about the Razer Switchblade... I could be wrong... But it seems so. I am pretty sure Razer wil also surprise us with new gaming gear and accessories to connect to out computers, and switchblade if you order one from Razer in the future. Fact is, there is no way they consoles could ever replace PC Gaming rigs. Not when you have self destructive consoles like the new Nintendo 3DS reading pirated games, Xbox360's red ring when the console over heats, and Nintendo Wii coming out with hardly any games at all on its already outdated console. Don't get me started with the PS3. Fact is, these closed platforms come with too much trouble on their own than they are worth. This is why I prefer to game on a PC. OPen platform makes gaming fun, easy, and tolerable. Not to mention, my PC can play games from DOS era to Windows 8 era no problem! The future is PC Gaming... And we are about to witness it on August 26th!



V for Vendetta anyone ?



its a kickass pc version of the kinect with 4 wireless sensors that go in each corner of the room. it also has a powerglove type controller for finger bend actions and a control pad on the wrist... it already works with every game right out of the box, includes vr glasses / 3d glasses with onscreen hud and complete HUD programability with every game on the market. the body suit that is a not so pricey 3rd party accessory works with alot of games and supplies force feedback thumps anywhere onyour body if you were to get shot / punched whatever. please include this item in the maximum pc rig of the year config.


I Jedi

I'd say this is a great time for Razer to announce such an event while the going is good. Right now, from these past few weeks, it seems a few gaming studios, such as Epic, have announced a re-commitment to be a part of PC gaming again. Showing the value of this platform for what it truly can be to gaming developers will help push forward PC gaming, even if it's just a nudge.



UB*SOFT hires Razer to come up with a new DRM scheme involving a "Gaming Mouse":

A Mouse that requires an always on internet connection or it terminates your game.

ALSO includes:

-a finger print scanner built into the mouse to verify its really you playing. (game terminates if not)

-a built in touch sensor (once you swipe your finger you cannot lift the hand from the mouse otherwise it will terminate your game)

-a built-in heartbeat sensor to detect that your still alive, and not some dirty thief relative or friend trying to use your pc after you have passed away and steal gametime away from the company you had licenced your pc game from.



You gave me quite a good laugh with your satire there. Thanks for giving me a smile :)



Don't give them any ideas.

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