Razer Surround Audio Software Injects 7.1 Virtual Sound Into Ordinary Stereo Headsets



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I'm skeptical but eager to try this out on my shitty Logitech speakers. As a matter of fact, the best audio "tweak" I ever used was switching from Windows to Linux. I don't know why, but the sound is so much better to me. Shame that Linux suffers pretty much everywhere else, though!



I tried it out and can't tell much of a difference in games. In fact, it makes music sound much worse, like it cuts out the mids, and it's too much hassle to have to change it every time I start up a game. I'm using an X-Fi Elite Pro PCI and Audio-Technica ATH-M50s.



The question is why audio chipset manufacturers like Realtek didn't come up with this first?



I've been gaming with Razer's Megalodon headphones for years, and I find the virtual 3D audio excellent, even compared to my discrete Klipsch 5.1 speakers. With the Megalodon, the processing is housed in an outboard USB unit, but there's no reason it couldn't be done by the PC itself.

The obvious question is: what's the hit on my CPU and my OS? Inserting extra layers into the audio stack has got to cost some performance, and open at least the possibility of new glitches and incompatibilities. However, I've generally been pretty happy with Razer's software. (Although its recent love affair with the Cloud does need to be violently terminated.) So I don't see any reason they can't make software 3D audio work.

Having 3D sound with any headset would really open up the options for gamers. Unfortunately, audiophile headphones would still not be an option, as they lack a built-in microphone. Separate mics are a pain, even if you can find a good one.



On any gaming CPU there shouldn't be any noticeable performance hit, there wasn't with my 2500K in Planetside 2. Just don't run it on your single-core Atom netbook.



eegads this works! used it on my 6 year old set of fatal1ty's and though i know we have a software solution - it is working!

very impressive

here is the link:




*January 2014

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