Razer in Search of Next Fatal1ty, Will Recruit Pro-Gamers at WCG 2008



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Man, I’ve been wanting to rant on this for a long time.

Professional gamers, WTF? Or, more to the point, who cares? It doesn’t take much time playing on line to realize the best players are socially retarded dicks. Most people play for relaxation or to have a fun weekend or evening. These guys ruin it for everybody else; they are one step above game hackers.

When I’m looking for hardware to upgrade my rig, I make a point of not even looking at anything that has the word “Fatal1ty”. Why should I pay more for some RAM so OCZ can give a slice of the cash to one of these guys. Honestly, are there people out there that will buy something because Fatal1ty gets paid to have his name on it? I know he is supposed to have a special mouse for gaming, but RAM?

I have no idea if Fatal1ty actually is a dick, I’m just making that assumption based on my interaction with other hard core gamers.

Guys, if your aim in life is to be a pro gamer, even if you accomplish your goal, you’ve still wasted your life. What’s next, professional TV watcher? “Phat 5lob remote, don’t channel surf without it!”



Agreed, but Im not going to lie, I have had thoughts about what it would be like to be worshipped amongst computer gamers everywhere. Even if one or two of us dont like the fact of wasting your life trying to go professional on games, I think people are just born good at games.



I have to say Im a pro gamer and good at almost any FPS game I play witha  few weeks or so of practice, but I dont think i could ever compete with some of the ones who play all over the world.

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