Razer Says Small PCs Are In Its Future, Maybe The Switchblade?



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You do have to Love Marketing and also how differing industry viewpoint/research cloud the space

last month we heard how portable game consoles such as PSP VITA and Nintendo 3ds would be the last Hurrah- since portable gaming would be Phone or Tablet based

Now we have the release of a formfactor larger than the PSP VITA and Nintendo 3ds to do what? Portable gaming?

and use your thumbs to move? so remap to console controls from standard keyboard WSAD?

not seeing it fly


Holly Golightly

To be honest with you, I do not know if people really like the clamshell design anymore. Netbooks have been out of style for a while already. Clamshell form factor reminds me of how popular flip phones were back in the 1990s. Today is all about touchscreen and true mobility. So if I was Razer, I would bet my money on tablets as they seem to outsell laptops.


I love the innovative keyboard design they use in the Razer Switchblade. All keyboards now-a-days should have had this already. I do not understand what the hell is taking so damn long. Perhaps a Patent Troll is what happened. Anyhow, I want the Art Lebedev Optimus Maximus keyboard. I can game with that till I am old and gray with my big gaming rig. Razer was right about one thing, PC Gaming is definitely NOT dead.

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