Razer Revs into CES Waving a Radical PC Gaming Tablet Design



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At that price it begins to compete with the ultraboks, which offer more functionality. While the controls are cool for a portable gaming console, they are an abomination in the tablet world, which are more suited for the working professional. Offer it at a price more in line with the portable gaming consoles from Sony and Nintendo and there is a market phenomenon in the making.


The Corrupted One

I forgot about Firefall.

Should try.


Looks pretty cool,

But the question is, can it run Crysis? :d



How mobile is mobile gaming with 15 minutes of battery life?


The Corrupted One

I dunno, If it is APU based, you could fit a good size battery in there and get 3 hours of power.


Anyways, more of the point is that it's actually mobile, unlike your 50 pound Alienware,


EDIT: Checked website, runs on an i7, probably a Sandy Bridge with intergrated GFX. Source Games it is.



As soon as the name Fiona was mentioned all I could hear in my head was Scott from Eurotrip yelling "FIOOONNAAAA!!!" after she dumps him.

But other than that I have the same issues I have with most new mobile devices. which are

-no keyboard. and does it have mouse support (I hate fingerprints when trying to game)

-Will it run windows? or does it use a linux variant?

-price. mobile should be cheap and replacable.

-market penetration. Really who is going to buy this and why should anyone make programs or games for this machine?

-competition. They are up against Apple, android, nintendo, and playstation. Unless they can make this very attractive not many will want it.


The Corrupted One

Who will make games for it?

It will be able to run anything that runs on a PC with controller support(that has low enough system requirements) the picture shown is from Firefall, a rather interesting MMO FPS/third person game, in beta ON PC right now.


Methinks it would run Source games rather nicely.



is it me or does it sorta resemble the controller used to control the robots in real steel? 



Hmm.... Razer... You have my wallet's attention... I just hope that this comes out a bit better than the extremely overpriced notebook you put out. Although an i7 does peak my attention...



does any one else think that these side controllers look a lot like ps move sub controllers?



Ehh.... if the controls are removable, and if the frame around the screen thinner, then I MIGHT bite. It has to be pretty damn good to cost almost twice the price of an iPad, though.



The side controllers do not appear to be removable, at least from the pictures provided.  From a structural standpoint, if they are removable, I am hoping that the entire controller/force feedback system is a subframe/layer that can be disengaged from the main tablet.

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