Razer Revamps Its Lachesis Gaming Mouse



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Fecal Face

I had a lachesis, it was great, but no way I'm buying another one, especially now that I have a mamba.



I was going to buy the original 4000dpi ones months ago but hesitated and glad I did since these would be priced the same/close with just an upgraded laser and lighting as an added feature. My question is, on the 4000dpi one,  could you assign weapons/movements right off the bat on most games "option/settings" menu without using  a console or software hacks on "all" the 4 side buttons? I've heard most mouse in the market with more than 2 side buttons would only allow you to bind 2 side buttons rendering the extra ones useless unless if you do some sort of software hacks.



Only two of the side buttons work as additional buttons the others can be used for macros or whatever. On a side note though I wouldn;t buy a razer mouse ever again they are really bad compared to what logitech offers the laser/sensor is extremely jittery compared to my g9x even though the g9x has 5700 dpi and the razer has 4000 (now 5600) it felt a lot smoother and you feel more in control. Also the build quality of the g9x is a lot better and the lachesis is the most uncomfortable mouse I have ever used. The g9x is the most even more than the mamba/deathadder.



Tnx for the info, was really in it just for the extra buttons and its small ambidextrous design. As for its Laser issues, reading Newegg reviews would tell u a ton of Win7 issues but I'll do more research on it's performance or probably take advantage of BBuy's refund policy to test it out. Well at least I know Razer do make excellent mousepads (owning a worn-out Exactmat and a now new Vespula)

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