Razer Releases Two-Faced Vespula Mousepad



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Spending $35 on a mouse pad is nonsense, go to the local harware store and pick a small 12 X 12 pice of glass that's been sandblasted- you'll thank me for it later. Save $$$. Pittled glass is the best surface for precision mouse movement. No other material could compare.



Dual surface mouse pads have been around for years. Several companies make varying qualities but the concept remains unchanged, so how is this product release news? Maybe an empirical test of the overall quality would be worth posting?



and in this month's issue they actually printed that it was "Razer's first reversible mouse pad" even though Razer have been doing this stuff for years. I've been using a Razer Pro metal dual-sided mat for about three years now.

Even passing over the fact that making such a definitive statement should be at least basically checked, the fact the guys at MPC have never even heard of a Razer dual-sided mat to print that, is pretty sad.



i've been using the exactmat for 4 months now and love it, barely any friction and its very sturdy. the wrist rest is very comfortable as well. it has two sides noted "control" and "speed" but they feel the same. it is very huge though!



 I have been using UHMW (Ultra High Density Moleculer Weight) plastic sheets for years now. It's the same stuff they use on the bottom of most mice, that hard, slippery plastic. If you keep it clean, there is hardly ANY FRICTION. The mouse moves exctly where you want it to with just the touch of the fingertips.

 Buy it on Amazon. Search on UHMW sheet. 12" by 12" by .375 (or .5 inch) is about $8.00 each. Might have to get 1 foot by 2 foot and cut in half, of course, then you have two of them!

Works fine with most new mice with the new optical sensors. MY G9 works fine for instance.



Ehh, untill wireless is as steady as a wire and wireless power is out i'm not going to use it for home use.

Wireless cons
 Wireless latency

Wireless pros:

It's just not worth it to me. Others can have at it but i'm sticking to a wire.



what the heck are you talking about? this article is about the mousepad not the mouse



Well, it is a wireless mousepad ;)



no its just a mousepad, i dont know of any mousepad that has wires. :)



I've had the Razer ExactMat for a few years now (same concept - dual sided), but it didn't come with a gel wrist rest... might have to upgrade now.

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