Razer Releases Software Development Kit (SDK) for Switchblade UI



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I want an update on the SwitchBlade portable gaming system they still have posted on their site. Remember, that thing that they based these keyboards off of? Yeah... I can't find anything online with an update. I know Maximum PC has far better resources than I though ;)



It looks like this will go the way of the Logitec keyboards. They were so nice but only a few things used and supported the screens.
They needed this SDK out like... 3 months before any of the products that used it hit the market in order to make it work.

What they should really do is cross license the tech with all the other KB makers



crappy keys. overpriced touch screen. would not buy it. if it had mechanical keys and the screen, i would shell out the money in a heart beat.



A Crazy expensive keyboard. What does this do that G15 keyboards already do ?



Still rocking my first generation G15, that still has some features that many modern keyboards don't have - even really fancy ones like this. Though it falls short in a few areas.

Only reason I'd replace it would be to get something with a really good capacitive touchscreen/pad attached to it.

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