Razer Makes a Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers



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i use a casiotone yo

5% nation of



It kind of bugs me that they don't tell you what kind of switches they will be using. That is something that I would like to know. and for right now I am happy with my Deck.



LOL@U Dude it's made by -Steelseries- everything they make is for gamers, lol! It was even advertised with pro gamers, you're a funny man, unless of course, you're being sarcastic.


Supposed to be a reply to chronium, obviously the reply button for people's comments doesn't always work.



I believe Logitech's one and only illuminated slim non-gaming keyboard is also mechanical - that's what is says on my box at least. I've yet to even try it out. It was $80, but I got it on black-friday for $30. 



Is it just me, or isn't the clicking keys of mechanical keyboards a bit annoying?  I've been a PC gamer for over 20 years, and when modern keyboards that are virtually silent came out, I found it to be somewhat of a relief.  I currently use a Saitek Eclipse for my gaming, which works perfectly fine for all applications and I've never had a problem with knowing what key I pressed.  

I don't know, but I guess there is a market for this type of keyboard for people who need/want that kind of confidence.  I just wouldn't pay $80 for one of these.


Talcum X

Back in the early 90s, there were some KBs that sounded like a whole room of typerwirters were being used at the same time.  Some were hard to press, but the constant clicking they made was just overwhelming after the first 5 minutes.  Not good in my book.  The nice soft keys of my Logitech Elite is fine for me.



Hmmm. Robert needs to get out of the office a little more before quoting a "world first"... Steelseries 7G anyone?? This keyboard has already been out for 3-4 months if I recall correctly. Not to say I'd spend the $$ for either, but just an observation..



You forgot the part about "designed for gamers".  Steelseries 7G is clearly not designed for gamers.



I've never had any problems with my $10 keyboard so I find it very hard to find any worth spending more then $30.



It looks great. The price isn't bad, but tacking on an extra $50 if you want backlit keys? That is insane!



They should rethink their TRON keyboard that's coming out later this year, and rebuild it as a mechanical one.



I’m sort of an aficionado of mechanical keyboards.  I’ve tried everything from the Das Keyboard to the old original IBM AT keyboards, to Northgate Omni Key, but my favorite keyboard of all time was a Zeos.  I just stumbled across the Adesso MKB-135B and it absolutely rocks.  Every bit as good as my old Zeos, and supports full N-Key rollover when connected via PS2 (also comes with USB adapter).  Kick ass.

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