Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Available For Pre-order March 1



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10" screen @ 1368 * 768.

20" screen @ 1920 * 1080.

21+" screen @ 1920 * 1080.

My frustration at this knows no end.



I share your frustration, but I also understand why. Electronics manufacturing isn't perfect. A particular part will come off an assembly line and a certain percentage of units will be good. When the yield of good units is high enough, the part can be sold at a reasonable price. When the yield of good units is low, the price either goes up or the manufacturer determines it is not economical to make the part. In the case of screens with a high pixel density, it is most economical to make smaller screens. The reason being that larger screens have too many dead pixels and that the yields are poor. Screen manufacturers obviously feel that they can make much more money by putting the technology into smaller screens with better yields.

And then there's the other side of it- marketing hype. 1080p is the thing to market right now. So, from a marketing standpoint, it makes sense to only make 1080p screens and pretend they're the pinnacle of screen technology. I mean if people can watch 1080p on a 70" screen, it's certainly good enough for a 24" screen, right? Or so the rationale goes. These larger screens with lower resolutions also free up the manufacturers to use their cutting edge, high ppi yields in smaller screens on the latest marketing craze- phablets. So, from a marketing stand point its a win-win with 1080p everywhere.

But what about consumer demand you say? What of it? Consumer demand for 1080p is what's driving this whole thing. But you cry, "Nay, we've always gotten the better technology on our monitors. In the past many of us have used monitors as small tv's because the technology was better. So, why aren't the manufacturers hearing us now?"

This is one of the cases where more is not better. 15 years ago enthusiasts comprised a huge portion of computer users, and were able to drive the pc industry forward. Fast forward to today and there's a computer in every home, and a plethora of Apple users who are conditioning us to accept whatever we're given as "the next big thing." People are simply willing to accept that whatever manufacturers make is the best they can do. And enthusiasts like us don't have the voice we're used to having. So, we're waiting longer for better screens while the good technology gets shoved into smartphones and tablets. That is the reality we face.






Can anyone post a link to this super laptop deal for $1000? Also, since this razer thing is so overpriced, can someone post a link to a $500 or less laptop with similar graphics capabilities as this razer tablet?



They dont have an "app Store" where they can make money back on games and apps that people buy for their product. It runs windows 8 so once the item is purchased Razer will basically have nothing to do with it anymore except warranty claims. They have to make a profit on it up front, otherwise, what is the point in making if it's just going to make a loss. I'm sure there will be limited supply too since they don't want to have too many left over if it flops. Sure, you can take that $1000 and buy a sweet pimped out super laptop, but you aint gonna fit all that stuff in to a tablet. Compare it to Microsoft Surface Pro, for a little bit more money, that controller looks pretty sweet.



at first that tablet made me do the starry eyed "oooooohhh" face from this oatmeal comic. then I saw the 1000 price tag and that face quickly changed. theoatmeal.com/comics/apple which by the way everyone should check this guy out.



This isn't for "regular" users with desktop PCs or gaming laptops. This is for people that *have* to have a gaming tablet. The prices have to be this way because of how (comparatively) small Razer is in the computer hardware buisness, and the production costs of building a tablet with that much horsepower, as limited as it may be. That said, I feel that they would've done better if they had waited and used Haswell architecture to power their devices.



If the 2nd version of this has Haswell with GT3, longer battery life, and priced at ~$500, then it'll sell like hotcakes (I'll even buy one myself).



Skipping anything with a Razer tag, except for mouse pads.



HAHA!!! Razer's at it again with overpriced POS!



I can buy a 17" gaming laptop with a true quad i7 12gig ddr3 1600 and 670 nvidia 2gig dedicated video card and 1tb drive and 256ssd for that price are you kiding me?
No not interested in over paying for under powered left over parts
i all ready have a 11" mac air with just as much computing power as this joke



Would like to try one out, but I doubt I'll ever buy one, even if I had the money for it!



Way too expensive. These guys just don't get it. Price this baby at 600$, and it will move. Interested to see the BoM and see how much it actually costs them to make.






Looks a bit expensive. But if you really want to game on a tablet, this looks like a serious contender. With its x86 architecture it should certainly pound any current generation Android and iOS devices.

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