Razer Claims PC Gaming Is Not Dead In Full-Page Wall Street Journal Ad



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I own a PS3, Wii and 2 Gaming rigs. I own 2 rigs becuz i game on those more than my PS3 and Wii (also becuz my wife requested a rig for her to use for web and email). On my consoles i play fighting, racing and most RPG's. On my PC i play MMO, FPS, and RTS games. Im mainly a FPS guy so i turn on my PC WAY more than my PS3. PC does way more for me than Xbox live, Wii Channel, pr PSN could ever offer. I mostly use my PS3 for movies and some street fighter but for everything else I use my rig. You can ask anyone Gamer with access to a good PC what they play more and it will more than likely be there PC.

Coming from a buisness point of view I can see why most of the marketing for games will say PC is dead. The reason is they cant see the true demographic of gamers since you can track console sales better Vs. Gaming PC's. Also pirating PC games doesnt help show who has what games in there household on the PC. Its a tragedy that numbers and sales paint a way different picture for the industry than what is the truth. But who can blame them? You have millions at steak when going into production of making a good game. They need to project proffits for the game or its a no go. Thats why they will claim PC is crap for gaming.

The truth is PC gaming will ALWAYS trump Console gaming when it comes to graphics, ease of play, and demographic in terms of what gamers are actualy playing in there house. If it wasnt for Game Piracy so rampant on PC and if there was a way to track every time a Gaming Rig was built and used, they might say there was no difference what platform u put the game on.



In my house the exact opposite has occurred. The Wii, PS3, and 360 have not been turned on by myself, wife, son, daughter in quite some time but we are all playing with PC games of some kind. Son playing web games, daughter playing Facebook games, and the wife and I playing PC games.

No I'm not a console hater, I love my consoles... I guess my household is a PC gaming first household.



Heh, I find this is coming off kind of needy. At least we won't have to wait long.



I think this will end in true video game fashion. It will get hyped up so much that when whatever it is is announced, it will fumble more than Duke Nukem, regardless of how good/bad it is.


I Jedi

Where the hell is the PC Gaming Alliance? I would have expected them to be coming out full force by now with whatever partners were left?



PC Gaming Alliance is just a lame hoot,especially because Epic Games is part of it.These M$ slaves claim they care about pc gaming after they told us to phuck off a few months ago? Yeah , right. At Gamescon they said they'll treat pc as the main platform from now on,and right after that someone asked them if we'll get Gears 3 on pc , they said "no". Pc.G.A. is shite!



"M$ slaves."

God I fucking hate fanboys.

You realize that as long as games keep using DirectX technologies Windows is the only real computer gaming platform.

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