Razer Blade Gaming Laptops Could Be Underneath Trees This Christmas



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this device is pointless.  I find it offensive as a gamer.  But, for those gamers out there looking to sacrifice performance and features for stylish good looks . . . and pay far too much money, congrats, this one's for you!  This philosophy is a given for the apple cultists, but us PC gamers know better.


Personally, I'd rather buy a M18X, or a TLX, or a Battalion 101 X7200, or a Xplorer X8-8500, or a Titan-17, or a x17E or any other gaming laptop with better hardware for less cost.



The 555m still offsets me, as does the price, but you pay for the body as much as you do for under the hood I guess



At that resolution however I think the 555M is fine. The price is outrageous however. Unless I had no brains and all money I would never buy the thing. But cool idea. 

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