Razer Blade Delayed, Free Mouse Offered To Would-Be Buyers



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Yeah I'm pretty sure the price tag covers the cost of the included SSD so one would hope the price wouldn't go up....can't buy that with the money I make, but it is a very nice looking machine.


Holly Golightly

It is a very cool laptop. I love the Art Lebedev style keyboard. Seems rather silly of them to delay the laptop because of HDD to SDD change. They could have offered it as a later upgrade. Anyways, to be brutally honest with you, I was never going to get the laptop. The laptop, like all laptops have limited screen space and can not truly offer an immersive gaming experience that you would get from a nice large monitor or TV connected to a desktop. More screen space, better performance, and the option to upgrade makes a truly immersive gaming experience. Plus, bigger is better.



"Gaming laptop" is a non sequitur.



In what way? I game on my laptop all the time. yeah. maybe I can't run crysis at resolution levels that make brave men weep, but that does not mean that "gaming laptops are a non-sequitor" and any laptop with a decent graphics card or chip is welcome in my neighborhood.

or are Alienware, Falcon NW, ASUS, MSI, and others really just drug induced hallucinations?



I don't know about non-sequitor but it is certainly an oxymoron.

Unless, that is, you can show me a laptop with a 23 inch 1080p and a couple 580s that you can't fry an egg on.



well I'm still interested by this product (but will not be able to afford one without lottery winnings) but i did think the Xmas release was pushing things a bit.

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