Razer Announces Imperator Mouse with Sliding Thumb Buttons



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but I'm considering purchasing this for my new rig.  Anyone have experience with this mouse.  I've been a longtime logitech user but now I'm considering making the jump to razer.

As far as the previous comment about side buttons, is two enough?  I'm always amazed that gaming mice don't have a lot more buttons.  In the past I've used one for grenades and the other for things like melee or inventory.  I don't do much online gaming but I can see how voice control would be something you'd want at your fingertips.  I can think of a lot of other controls I would definitely map to my mouse too.  I just don't understand why these mice don't have at least 7 buttons including the wheel.

As far as reload is concerned. . . isn't that what "R" is for?



And I was just about to order the G500. . .



 How many side buttons does it have?

I'm finding that 2 aren't enough. I like to have reload, voice communications, and grenade all within finger's reach, and I find mouse buttons are easier than keyboard buttons.


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