Razer Announces 14-inch Razer Blade Laptop



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This laptop looks cool as phuck.

Screen res is ok for a 14" IMO. For me the biggest disappointment with nearly all Win-laptops is the trackpads. (Somebody should just blatantly copy/reverse engineer the Mac trackpads. Regardless of how one feels about MBPs and MBAs I don't think anyone can deny how nice the trackpads really are.)

If I could live with the trackpad (and not have to plug in a mouse all the time like I did with my Alienware) I'd be seriously interested in this.

Hopefully you lovely bastards can do a full review if and when you get your hands on one of these. I like the specs and it looks slick.



I am really hoping we are gonna be able to get a much faster review for this then on the blade 2. I 'm getting to the point where I can only trust MaxPc with reviews because they aren't a bunch of biased apple fanboys! But the review for the Blade 2 came out waaaay after its release. I realize you can only review as quick as you get the unit and Cnet seems to be getting a bit of an advantage at this point with that, but please try and get the review up as soon as possible! A discussion about it on the podcast would be sweet too. Keep up the great work guys!



The anti-ghosting keyboard is cool for fast touch typing too.
I just wish it also had slightly concave key surfaces.

So its more expensive than a Samsung Series 7 Ultra (which is one of the best ultrabooks available), but it weighs less than 200 grams more.

For that, we get a lot more performance!



Only 8GB of RAM, no 16GB of RAM option for some reason. Also the price gouging of the 500GB SSD isn't cool and I don't know if it has WIDI. Other than that it is quite a machine for the size. Hopefully the CPU is not a low voltage one and is clocked nice and high.



Thats one sexy laptop. Wish I could buy it.



Geeze, I don't even game but I want one of these. If that 14" version came with a 1920x1080 touchscreen display I'd buy it...



Impressive, especially given the hardware packed inside.

But owwwwwwww, that price (not that it's unwarranted). :(

Maybe Razer will have another accidental 90% off sale? :3



Maybe I'm mistaken but it looks smaller than a Macbook Pro, not a Macbook Air.



It's smaller than a MacBook Pro, and thinner than the FATTEST part of the MacBook Air (The MacBook Air gets thinner towards the keyboard area).




Ah okay. The pictures at the bottom of the article have an odd perspective to them so the Razer looks just as thick as the Pro.



Something that's always bothered me. Razer makes the Taimat 7.1 gaming headset, but doesn't make a PC capable of using it? There are almost no ports on that thing! You can't fit a decent 7.1 set up for your own product? It's about the only other things missing from this impressive laptop... (other than the optical drive, I know. I know.)



Wish they didn't go with the Macbook look..

Otherwise, that's some impressive hardware!



Knowing Razer, It would look like that even if the macbook diden't exist, it's just their style.

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