Razer Accidentally Leaks 90 Percent Off Promo Code, Will Honor Purchases



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How many purchases actually went through and off what products? MPC can you expect people to believe this without evidence? And without declarations of conflicting interest? (ie. look at the other Razer advertising on MPC. http://www.maximumpc.com/best-of-the-best?page=2). Interesting.



90% off eh. the leak was intentional in order to get attention and sell products in a good light since so many people seem to dislike them for the synapse 2.0 junk.



After reading the posts on here where y'all state that your esteem for razr just went up, my inner cynic says that razr had this whole "screwup" orchestrated for that end.

If this had happened for the much larger US market then my inner cynic would be less adamant.



i really doubt they are at much of a loss, they sell mouse pads for 60 bucks



If they had said, we'll instead honor a 40% discount, they would have still won the hearts of the people.

Much respect.



Wow! Just freaking WOW!

If I hadn't of bought the BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 a few months ago, I would certainly buy it NOW!

But if anyone asks, I will definitely be putting Razer's prodcuts on the top of my recommended list.

It's too bad the Razer Edge isn't worth the $1,000 price or I would buy it, since I'm in the market for a tablet.



:O ... $150 for a fully loaded Razer Edge Pro... Can I have one for that...??? please...???

Ha Ha! Yeah! I know that would never happen, never does...

But man they could have just cancelled those orders and yet they honored them, dang... that's just wow! Razer your amazing.

If I had one of those coupons I'd get a Death Stalker Ultimate Keyboard, Ouroboros mouse, Razer Edge Pro Tablet and of course the Razer Blade!



Razo has now just reached the top of my list for peripherals the next time I need one. I'll definately be purchasing my next few peripheral devices from them!



I hope Sony reads this and learns something from it. They have screwed me over several times just on warranty. I no longer buy any Sony products.



Very Smart of Razor, as Lawyers would have cost them even more.



Kudos to Razor and all that snagged that great deal via boo boo!!



Why not in the us and why didn't i know about it! I could have used a razer blade!



Props to Razer for doing the right thing.

But I'll bet the company that was doing the testing for them that resulted in the error are no longer employed by Razer. ;)



I have the sudden urge to buy stuff from Razor now


Philippe Lemay


Their customers are happy, they get a lot of PR, and people who see this story will get an inexplicable urge to go buy their products.

It's a win-win-win for Razer. They sure managed to see the best of a bad situation.



Lucky Brits :)

Not going to lie: I have no idea why a company would honor an obvious mistake like that. Perhaps they can make up their losses in sales from the good publicity.



My opinion of the company just climbed a couple of notches. It says they would rather have happy customers and lose some money than have money and lose customers.

My take is that if I ever had a problem with one of their products they would make it right. They have integrity. Makes me more to trust their products/warranty.

I think I will go take a look. I can always use new gaming hardware.



"It says they would rather have happy customers and lose some money than have money and lose customers."

...good point.



Guys: this wasn't a mistake on Razer's part at all. It was generated by a 3rd party to test if they could cheat the system. The fact that Razer is honoring it still is just incredible to me.



This right here. ^



I think it's very noble of Razer to honor the discount. I also think it would have been fair and still generous to not honor it for products where the purchaser would obviously know this must be a mistake, like with the Edge tablet. Razer could have met those people in the middle and sold them one at cost, and maybe even eaten the shipping as a good will gesture.

Either way, I'll definitely give Razer higher consideration on my next peripheral purchase.

If I was the contractor responsible for this error, I'd probably waive my invoice charges, at least for this period of work. I might lose a week's income or more, but Razer is likely a big part of that contractor's work. I would learn to be more careful in the future and hopefully retain Razer as a customer.



@bloodgain Agreed.



It's good to see an online vendor adhere to mispricings just as a brick and mortar store would. I just wish it didn't have to be a small company like Razer when Amazon has had these errors multiple times and always canceled the discounted orders.



At a B&M store, the losses would be mitigated by good employees (if you treat them right). At Best Buy, a cashier would catch a mistake this big and notify the floor manager. The manager would probably sell the first one in good faith at a loss, but the price/coupon mistake would quickly be corrected to avoid further losses. Internet sales are too fast, and there's no human in the loop to catch the error early.

I think it's fair for a company to place limits on price/coupon mistakes, up to and including refusing the sale. Good customer service means you'll try to offer them something in return for good will, but you shouldn't be expected to take a huge loss when even the deal-seekers know it's almost certainly a mistake. I haven't been on SlickDeals today, but I'm sure this is there, and everyone expected cancellations.



Years ago Computer City did that with an Taravan Tape drive for me. I was looking at them, and noticed the price was really low. I asked my friend that worked there. He told me that I could have it at that price but only if I bout it right then. If I came back the price would be fixed. So I got a $280 drive for $159. So yes they lost money but only on the one (at least at that store).

I commend Razer for honoring this foul-up and I hope they are rewarded down the road with increase sales and more loyal customers. I will certainly put them at the top of my list for my next purchase.



I think they did the right thing.

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