Raspberry Pi Team Developing Camera Module



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anyone know the speed on this? i imagine its not exactly speedy since it pulls from a SDHC card. i can think of a few things to use it for but it would have to have decent response time.



The Raspberry Pi is cool because it's a glimpse into the future. Soon we will all be able to buy a decent computer for less than the price of a tank of gas. Yay progress!! :D

And when this happens you can BET the world is gonna change radically, all the poor will be able to afford a computer and the world will change rapidly (even more rapidly than it already is) when all the intelligent people in the poor countries are able to unleash their brain power, creativity and work ethic.

The days when a genius like Ramanajan might be born and languish in a country that is incredibly poor are soon to be history. When everyone can afford a cheap computer and can connect to the internet then all the geniuses of the world will be recognized, none will be left behind, and progress will rush forward at breakneck speed.



Sure, but they already have gobs of cheap computers (we ship them to 3rd world countrys by the freighter full)... what they DONT have is the infrastructure ie. power, an internet connection, bandwidth, etc.

The thing is, if every hut in every third world country used just 25w of power (for, say, a lightbulb -or a pi?), it would ~ triple the worlds current electrical generating requirements - considering the crap we have done over the last 100 or so years, to get where we are. we should be scared of what is going to happen as the entire 3rd world begins to approach our level of use (and demand)!
Consider (for a singular example) India - their population is ~3x the US population - if they even *approach* OUR level of consumption (per capita) - the rising seas will make most of Florida (never mind New Orleans or New york) a thing of the past... Better buy land inland!



+1. Although politics (i.e. corruption) will continue to plague us in the foreseeable future.



Never have figured out what the Pi is good for. There are a lot better boards for prototyping than the Pi and already have all the peripherals to go with it.

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