Raspberry Pi Introduces App Store (with Games Too)



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Argh, yet _another_ App Store?!

Why would I want to pay for the privilege of buying apps that only run on the underpowered mini-computer that is the Pi? Wasn't one of its purposes to be a low-cost device so that schools could use them to teach students? I'm not sold on that purpose having any merit, but if it does, doesn't an app store, especially a paid app store, stand contrary to it? I think so.



This garbage is so awful for users. Steam is bad enough on Windows, but now it's got to spring up on even the most humble of Linux devices? Ugh.

In exchange for 25% of your gross, plus the exaggerated merchant services fees, you don't even get to choose how to receive your payments - Paypal only? Really? This is bad for developers, bad for users, and only good for IceSDK. Shame on you, Pi team.



I'd like to get one of these, but it'll be a while before it reaches stores in the Caribbean. I guess I'd have to snag it while I am visiting the U.S.

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