Raspberry Pi Gets Chromium Port



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Hells yeah! I LOVE the fact that there are intelligent and generous people doing stuff like this rather than just working for The Man trying to make money so they can bang a bunch of chicks and live the high life. Being hard working and creative and generous like Hexxeh is is a far better testament to a life well lived. If I were smart like him I'd be doing it too.

Best wishes to all of you out there :)



You can't work for The Man and be hard working, creative, or generous?

That CEO a few articles back who gave away his 3 million USD bonus to the hard-working corporate plebes seemed generous enough, regardless of his ultimate motives.

Somehow I don't think that porting a browser is in any way a "testament to a life well lived."

If you were "smart like him", are you sure you wouldn't rather be applying your talents to "make bank" with the man? If you really wanted to be a bleeding-heart do-gooder, having The Man's $ to back up your smarts sounds better. At least, IMO.



hmmm ... You lost me at "making money, banging a bunch of chicks, and living the high life." :-)



that's where it got interesting for me.

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