RapidShare Cleared of Wrongdoing in Copyright Case



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Pardon my ignorance (and I'm happy for Rapidshare) but if Rapidshare isn't responsible for the content posted by their users while they actively host said content, why is The Pirate Bay culpable for user-posted content that they are simply pointing to?

I guess this is why I wouldn't make a good lawyer.




Laws vary by country. The Pirate Bay hasn't been sued here in the US (and can't be as they aren't a US company). The law here gives service providers a good deal of immunity when it comes to stuff like this.

A lot also comes down to primary intent. If the court sees your service as one specifically designed to, or otherwise used for, copyright infringement your chances of surviving a legal attack is slim. But if they see you make a good faith effort to filter out or remove infringing content upon request you're likely to be left alone. 



This article is so full of WIN. <3 Rapidshare lawyers.

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