Rapid Release Fraps Updates Fixes a Flurry of Issues



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I use Action! from Mirillis an awesome program.



The title of this article is crazy confusing. It reads like a bunch of random words to me. "Flurry of Issues Fixed by Fraps Update" would have been less strenuous on my brain :P



Paul, you forgot to mention that FRAPS STOPPED WORKING AFTER MAY 17. 3.5.0 couldn't handle the date code for some obscure reason. It was all over the web that to get it to work, you had to change your machine's clock back to before May 17. 3.5.1 fixed that.



Bandicam is so much better than Fraps! I don't know why anyone would use Fraps when Bandicam will record and encode video real-time, in a codec that you choose! You can also set the resolution to whatever you want and change the audio codec. It'll also let you record out of full screen, you just set up a box and it'll record whatever is inside it. I urge everyone who uses Fraps to check out Bandicam, you'll never go back!



About the only thing I notice that FRAPS had better than Bandicam is that's actually lighter on the resources. Other than that, I stopped using Fraps because it would split my recording files up each file being, at most, 6GB a piece. Bandicam I don't have that problem, but it may take some tweaking to get the settings to work the way you want them too.

Still trying to figure out how to record a good quality video without producing a huge file size (unless that's downright impossible which may be the case).



Try PlayClaw. It uses fewer resources than Fraps, creates 1 file for your whole recording, doesn't lock your FPS, and has a higher compression ratio than Fraps so the total file size is smaller than Fraps' total file size. It also has a whole bunch more features that Fraps doesn't.



Hey thanks for that. I might give this a shot and see how it goes. Also, do you happen to be using the free version or did you get the full version at any point?



I've tried hypercam, fraps and bandicam. Everything seems to output to a darker video (videogame captures). Tips anyone? I found "Motion JPEG" codec on Bandicam to be the brightest of all the codecs and yet it's still not as close to the source brightness.



The reason I use FRAPS, is because I do post processing on my videos (adding intro, outtro, occasional text, etc.), and if I used encoding on the recording, it would be significantly downgraded from FRAPS. Not noticeable really, but once you encode it a second time, the quality loss is quite evident.

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