Rambus Scores Major Win in Legal Battle against Nvidia



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More operating capitol for Rambus :(



The fact that Mr. Lavelle is both Senior VP and General counsel (their top laywer) tells you all you need to know about Rambus. Where most tech companies have talented businessmen or people who were instrumental in founding the company running the show, Rambus has a lawyer as VP.

I still can't believe that the panel only ruled two of Rambus's patents invalid. How in the world can a company head an industry wide standards group, co-develope a ton of standards, then turn around and lay claim via the patent system to all of the jointly created ideas? No wonder people don't want to deal with this company.



No different than what Intel did to AMD and Cyrix back in the '90s. They co-developed the MMX multimedia extensions together, than Intle patented them and turned around and sued both AMD and Cyrix to prevent them from usinf the MMX extensions in the processors and marketing. Both AMD and Cyrix lost the case and ended up having to license the technology from Intel, thoug they were co-devleopers of it. All that seems to matter to the courts today is who patents it first.



Does this mean that I need to smuggle to get good computer parts now?

Rambus is more than accused of being a troll; it is a troll. It makes its profits mostly from doing this kind of crap. (See: Wikipedia)



Plain and simple.



When I get a license of Windows, I get a full fledged operation system. When AMD licences the x86 instruction set from Intel, they get rough equal access to the CPU market and completely equal compatibility with all x86 software.

Rambus's website features some interesting developments and boastings of "gigabits per second per miliwatt", so not all of the royalties are going to lawyer's paychecks, but when a company like nVidia is forced to pay royalties to Rambus and continue paying for them, what on earth does nVidia get in return? Do they get to co-develop new memory interfaces to the benefit of consumers, or just the right to continue using what they have allegedly stole?

No doubt nVidia has put as much if not more money and research into memory interfaces than Rambus (in addition to licensing GDDR3/5 from ATI), so it is not like they are outsourcing work here. Rambus is asking nVidia to pay for the same work twice.

In the same vein, has any major electonics company, outside of Intel and their little disaster and some game console companies, licensed what is alleged to be Rambus's (and only Rambus's) IP voluntarily?

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