Rambus the Patent Troll Seeks to Strike Nvidia



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Rambus own latest SEC filings show more than 96% of its revenue comes from patent litigation.  They do not product, manufacture or sell anything at all.

Despite the Rambus employees and lawyers who post here, it simply could not be clearer the Rambus is the definition of a patent troll. 

 Patent trolls and the lawyers who profit from them are a truly disgusting phenomenon.  Let's hope we eventually see legislation to make them go away, but with the near-absolute impunity the trial lawyers currently enjoy, it's unlikely.



Perhaps you should investigate what you are saying instead of perpetuating myths spread through propaganda on the Web. The statements you have made in your article about Rambus are not only untrue, but your entire argument falls apart on the premise that a company can actually make money by suing.  In fact the coffers at Rambus stay low BECAUSE of the lawsuits.  In the case of NVIDIA attempts were made for 6 years to get them to pay royalties for Rambus inventions before Rambus threw in the towel and realized they had no choice but to sue to get paid for their inventions.  There seems to be a widespread illness that is threatening the ability of inventors to develop new technologies....use it, but don't pay....you can get away with it. But not for much longer. If you study recent developments in court proceedings surrounding Rambus, it should lead you to realize that your characterization of Rambus is wrong.  I can only hope that you then would publish a story that tells the real truth about Rambus...that they have been wronged for a very long time by crooks who have used their inventions without compensating them.



I wouldnt mind seeing what the supposed patents are that were violated.  Maybe it's justified?  Maybe not?


Righteous Fury

Sick MLT on 'em... that ought to put an end to the Patent Troll in fairly short order!






Maybe we ought to see if the RIAA can come after these companies, I'm sure a number of their employees have illegally downloaded music. :P

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada

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