Rambus Continues Suing Spree, Wins Pretrial Patent Ruling



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I wish the last of this company would just die and drop off the earth. They have been a huge setback to modern desk top computing. Their memory was always crap. It was a little bit faster back in the day but not worth the exadurated prices they tried to charge. For a server it was one thing if not standard. DDR from competitors eventualy out paced everything this compay could offer and we we saw an end to their gad awfule merchandise. If everyone else was steeling from this company wouldnt you think it would be THEY who came to market with faster DDR instead of being destroyed by it? What a load of crap.

So now they are being soar lossers and doing crap to escelate the price of computing even more.

Well you know what Rambus screw you. Maybe instead of sitting on this top secret technologies or licensing them out you should have made your own damn DDR. Maybe then you wouldnt be dead. Your history now and you should be left behind with the rest of it.



Please get better Symbian OS :(

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