RAM Prices May Start to Increase, Too Early to Call It a Rebound



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So I;m confused as to why prices would increase? It should decrease quite a bit after the infrastructure to produce the ram is in place. I guess the ram industry works in reverse of actual businesses.



I picked up 12gb last week(3x4gb) ddr3 patriot for 150 dollars and has mail in rebates for 20 each module so in theory 90 dollars for 12gb.

You cant get much cheaper than that.



I bought an additional 2 x 2GB sticks of RAM a couple weeks ago from newegg. They were a steal especially since I originally bought them for $99 but got them for $63 with eggsaver shipping. I should really wait for these fortuitous moments before buying RAM in the future.



Well, looks like the industries usual plan is starting to work.

They fly a trial-balloon about prices going up (whether they are or not), the press reports it, people scarf up memory bringing supplies low, which allows them to really raise the prices.

They have always been good at creating their own self-fullfilling prophecies and apparantly it still works :(



Is this the kind of press that is supposed to spur a run on gold? ;) ... seems like maybe the market will stabilize but I doubt we'll see such huge increases in price. With that, the price was so good a few days ago I purchased some RAM from Newegg. The price was so low I just couldn't pass it up. It's certainly hard to see how these prices can continue, yet here we are. Now people expect cheap RAM.

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