RAM Gone Wild: Overclocker Pushes G.Skill TridentX Kit to 3,900MHz



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Anyone else notice this was done thanks to AMD? If there's one thing they do, it's clock speed.



See... these are the kind of benches that i hate to see. who is going to run nitrogen in their system 24/7. I would rather see people bragging about air cooled clock rates or liquid cooled.



Same here. That the RAM is capable of being the "world's fastest" for an infinitesimal amount of time, and only with the aid of dangerous liquids that I'd rather not play with, does not inspire me to purchase it.

I'd like to see what they could do with air cooling, and I'd like to see what they had to adjust the timings to.

Even so, this does make my dual-channel 1600 Mhz stock clocked RAM look wimpy IMO, even though the "pundits" maintain that RAM speeds over 1333 MHz are pointless (when they aren't bloviating about single-thread performance being the end-all measure of a CPU).



I love these world record attempts. It's always fun to see what the tech is capable of. Of course no one is going to run this 24/7. That isn't the point.



Looks like a reasonable desktop setup.

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