Radeon HD 6870 and GeForce GTX 470 Fight for Bang-for-Buck Crown



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Am not getting either at the moment.

I have an XFX 5770 at the moment. I'm always looking for something cost effectively better. I saw that the 6800 series is 3D capable. Yay. @_@

That would be great except that it demands that I pay $300+ for a solid 3D monitor AND the money for the upgrade. So approximately ~$600 later(keeping shipping in mind) I can have a 6850. More for the 6870. Okay not that big a deal. But then looking at the specs they're pretty close to what I have now, only no 3D and no goofy looking glasses. Darn. ~_~

@Stock my Card gets me 850 core clock speed. The 6870 is rated at 900Mhz. The only real difference I can see here is that the 6800 series cards come @ 256 bit, where my Juniper XT card is 128 bit. The increase would be better but it's pretty much the same as the 5800 series AMD cards which I won't need a new monitor(s) for. Imagine running Eyefinity in 3D and how much THAT is gonna hit you in your butt cheek after putting your wallet back. The only plus is 3D AND the savings of not having to pay a chiropractor for a realignment with the thinner wallet in the back pocket.

Unless you render or edit photos for a living it's not worth the cash to upgrade in the near future. I'll hold off until Games start making the upgrade mandatory. Oh and let's not forget that this upgrade requires untested drivers. I love my Graphics Card choice, but let's face it ATi drivers are responsible for sending more Gamers to the funny farm than any other component in our system. I recommend holding off until there are no more dual slot 5*** series cards to be had. That or the cost outlay is reasonable and the fad has shown itself good or bad and that's what 3D is. A fad.



Running a Radeon 4850 from MSI at the moment. Probably going to look at the Radeon 6870 when it comes out, and--depending on the price--opt for that one. I always figured that AMD and ATI drivers would run smoothest together, so ... why not?

Plus, ATI always has the better price/performance ratio, so it just seems like the smartest choice to me. My computer gaming life lives on a very restricted budget, so AMD is my friend in that regard.

I'm STILL running an old Phenom X4. If that doesn't tell you something about how constrained my funds are, I don't know what will.  XD



I have a pair of 470 GTX, hope your case has good airflow, going to have to upgrade mine to a silverstone FT2, they are some hot suckers



Getting ready to upgrade my SLIs from 2 8800 GTs to a couple of 470s.  I'll wait a few more weeks to see if this price battle continues to drop prices.  But winter is coming on, so if I want to stay warm, I'll need a couple new Nvidia cards :)

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