Qwiskter Twitter User Hoping to Cash In on Netflix Name Change



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...the guy should sell his Twitter account for 50 bucks, and get an English dictionary with that money so he can learn how to write correctly.



Too bad for him that Twitter's ToS prohibits selling usernames.


Though I suppose that's better than getting sued for squatting, which would undoubtedly work beautifully with our corporate-friendly court system these days.



That same ToS prohibits the offer to buy usernames. In other words it were Netflix making the 1K offer, they could have their twitter account permanently revoked, and the kid is in the clear as long as he doesn't sell it. But I doubt it was Netflix making the offer...likely somebody else hoping to flip the name to Netflix for a tidy profit.

And the kid can't be sued for squatting. Cybersquatting applies to domain names, not user names or account names. And it's not Namejacking...besides, Namejacking is legal. But let's assume for a moment that I'm wrong about all that: Netflix still can't sue because the kid created his account name long before Netflix created their new company name...squatting requires proof of anticipation and intent (otherwise known as "bad-faith").



sorry, somehow dp'd



This bikkering is boring lets bring out the copyright layers to spruce this show up a bit.



One would be a moron to settle for $1,000 with a company like Netflix. They've already gone and stated what the name would be for their new DVD mail business so it would be unwise to back peddle, but not impossible. It's not as big as a website name but I would expect a little more for something like a Twitter name.



I don't know which is more annoying:

The lack of foresight on Netflix's part (and THEY, if anybody, should have their shit together).

This douchebag's utter asshatery.




Why is this guy an asshat? He's being asked to hand over a user name he chose for himself so Netflix can make money off of it. Lets suppose BP discovers there is oil on you land, which you knew nothing about and have no way to profit from yourself, but which they can profit from. Would you be an asshat because you refused to hand it over for free?



There needs to be some form of universal spell and grammar check on the internet, which prevents you from posting something that makes NO fucking sense. And if you're posting on an English forum, your post needs to be in proper English, not this bullshit!


I honestly hope that Netflix either changes the name from Qwiskter to something else, or offers this guy $500 for the handle.

What a moron!

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