Quick Hack Allows True 3D in L4D (And Some Other Games)



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NVidia's not very good about keeping their stereo drivers up to date. Your best course of action would be to use IZ3D's monitor drivers which, not only have analglyph mode that works on regular monitors, but has a color adjustment setting so you can play the game in B&W for best 3D performance or in "Best Colors" mode which shift's the game's pallette to colors more compatible with anaglyph glasses.


The Prax

I downloaded all of the stuff for XP and executed the hack, but when I go to the nVidia control panel to "enable the stereoscopic settings in the stereo tab" I can't find a stereo tab. Am I in the wrong control panel?



For all you Myopic brethren:




It's too bad it uses the red & blue tinted glasses. Colors must look pretty odd.



The colors are very odd...much darker, and not much variation. I wouldn't reccomend using this hack in TF2, 'cause you can't tell the teams apart due to the colors. It's also VERY dissorienting going through the Blood Harvest Finale, as the cornstalks really stand out...as do many objects. Overall, not worth it.


Not sure how much better the "official" Nvidia setup is. Any here who have tried it?



Yeah, but what about people who wear glasses? Dis sum ol' bo-plop. Accursed VG overlords never thinking about their near/far-sighted brethren. This is an outrage. I'm boycotting all video games ever. </sarcasm>


but seriously, they look really uncomfortable.



this 3D technology is cool, so far I think that nvideas solution would work the best, except it requires an expensive 120 hz monitor and expensive glasses, and an nvidea video card (which I have never owned one bfore in mylife, not b/c I'm a fanboy, b/c I'm cheap and have purchased like 2 v/c in my life).


ATI needs to add support for this somehow, probably a ton of licensing issues, and only require a standard monitor, (i will take a 60 hz 30 FPS)



It doesn't work because everyone at MPC runs XP, or some other reason?



that's not true...

there are many here like myself that run vista, and frankly... love it

P.S: it does work with XP, just not 64bit



Thanks for clearing that up Johnny. I had always wondered because all the screenshots I see on MPC have that ugly blue taskbar at the bottom.

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