Quick and Dirty Study Reveals Most Google+ Users are Lurkers (or Posting in the Shadows)



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I should care? Why?



Yeah, I'm still waiting for my invite, and even when I do get it, I don't think I know anyone who already has it.



I'd be happy to send you one if you give me an email.



I don't post very much mainly because I only have a couple of friends who could get invites. Once I have as many friends as FB, then i'll post more often. In the meantime, nobody will see them so why bother writing them?



Considering G+ has only been out for a few months, it's still on invite beta and considering most probably still don't know how to use the whole "circles" thing not to mention just because you joined G+ doesn't mean everyone on your Facebook list has (I know 95%of mine haven't yet), it's obvious this study is just waaay to early to start making any legitimate calls on G+'s future as social network.

People are use to only seeing family and friends on their list and may not be comfortable with the idea of random strangers following their every post, at leat public ones. And it's likely many of these users may not fully understand how to post to public and private and fear posting personal stuff publically. This is kind of old stuff done new and therefor many might be skeptical of how it works. Besides, it's not like everyone was begging for a Facebook alternative to go running to and drop Facebook in a second. At least not from what I can see.

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