Quantum Encryption System Deemed Unbreakable, Won't Send You Hurling Through Time



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Tracy Fox

"High tech is cool, but low tech rules."

In quantum physics, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that locating a particle in a small region of space makes the momentum of the particle uncertain; and conversely, that measuring the momentum of a particle precisely makes the position uncertain.
Put simply this means that while they could measure the precise location of quantum particles at the start of a transmission, they can not predict the precise location of those particles at the end of the transmission or at any point in between.
In order to accurately predict the future location of any moving object you need to know: 1. The objects original location, 2. The objects trajectory, 3. The objects velocity and 4. All obstacles. The last one may have you scratching your head, but think about it. Quantum particles are zipping and bouncing along a fiber optic line, (basically a tube). Remember these people are not just saying that they can get information from point A to point B. They are essentialy claiming to know what the precise location of every particle is through out the transmission. And they would have to know that in order to know weather or not someone had tapped the lines. But of course that is impossible by todays standards. The only way to know the precise location of any particle is to measure that particle. And that measurement will change the particles speed and trajectory.



 The HUP is one primary reason that is quoted as making Transporters impossible. The good news is that someone is more likely to want to overcome it in order to steal millions. When they do... no more commuting!


"There's no time like the future."



If this were true, wouldn't there be pause in the data transfer every time an intrusion was detected?



Knowing our government, they will have this foolproof way of knowing if someone could be eavesdropping on their communications from the outside, while they are chock-full of keyloggers on the inside.  This program will be easily beaten--not by physics, but by stupid people who say "Yes, I want to see nude pics of Anna Kournikova!" and download something onto their end of the 'closed system'.



How is that encryption?  Sounds just like checking to see if someone opened your mail when you get it from your mailbox. 

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