Qualcomm: Snapdragon 800 ‘Easily’ Beats Nvidia’s Tegra 4



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This is the same clown who said the 600 would crush tegra 4. It fell far short. These snot nosed children should grow up. Insulting your opponent just makes him stronger.



I must say, nVidia isn't always going to be the best. On paper they show they can be, but what about in real-life scenarios. Give me a phone with a Tegra 4 and a now SnapDragon 800. Testing should happen in real life. Both phones should have identical ram, memory, OS, and screen size. Real-life should be the true benchmark.



Its just crazy how fast mobile SOC technology keeps advancing. Soon itll be just as powerful as a desktop x86 processor. But as of right now with performance being advanced for the mobile platform, but still not fast enough to compete with the desktop crowd, there's little need for a blazing fast phone. Now, today's modern phones are already faster than they need to be. You dont need a quad core, whatever, to browse the web and check your mail. Gaming is even great on today's mobile chips. Is there something other than the surface RT that could benefit from this advancement?



Everything benefits from this advancement. That's why it's called an advancement.

You're looking at things all wrong. Today's games were developed with today's hardware in mind. *That's* why they run great. Tomorrow's games will not run great on today's hardware.

Not only that, but these chips boast decreased power requirements, which has an immediate effect on battery life. And *everyone* cares about battery life.


Peanut Fox

Smart TVs, and lower power streaming devices would get my pick.



Spouting off about who has the best tablet or phone CPU/GPU is like claiming to be king of the retards... Sure you are indeed king...but you are still a retard!!






That's a terrible analogy in every way. Both Intel and AMD struggle to make a powerful, yet power-efficient mobile chip that competes with Tegra or Snapdragon. You are trying to compare 2 platforms with 2 completely different sets of requirements. Just because mobile chips lack the raw power of a desktop processor does not mean they are not engineering marvels in their own right.

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