Qualcomm Roadmap Reveals 2.5GHz Snapdragon Processors



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Five minutes into a conversation... battery is at 10%. lol I think instead of shoving even faster processors into phones, they need to invest in much better batteries for portable devices.



I wonder when some of these Mobile Devs are gonna jump into the PC market to grab a slice. It would only mean good things for PC fans as prices and tech would have to stay competitive. If I were Nvidia, AMD or Intel, I'd be looking over my shoulder. I would say that would be a bad thing for consoles, the generation timeline couldn't keep up with the tech and people would just stick with their PC and a Portable alternative. I see the market changing drastically in the next 2-3 years...




you cant even buy the galaxy II s for sprint till Tomorrow here, so I don't know where you get too fast. Its been out for months, but not in america!



This Will play Crysis...



These smart phones are going to be more powerful than computers that were popular a few years ago. This is madness. 



I'm still using a nokia with a 2mp camera, lol
Why do people need all this crazy stuff?

Perhaps I'll indulge myself sooner or later



The problem here is the clock speed is mostly a crock....

I'm not saying it doesn't have it's merits but in reality these chips will be underclocked most of thier running time.


I can(and have) rachet my Tegra2 equiped Xoom to 1.7Ghz and beyond if I want to....just can't expect the massive battery the Xoom already has to last very long. So I leave it idling at 312Mhz and it can go up to 1.5Ghz if it needs to.



I agree. My Nokia N900 is able to run more than 20 apps smooth at once on a linux OS with only a 600MHZ Cortex A8 and 256MB RAM. I can easily run andriod apps, Palm apps, n64 and psx games at 600mhz and OC to 1ghz if needed. For what possible reason would you need a 2.5ghz quad chip in a mobile device lol



To run Flash without choking.



Americans complaining about new smartphone come out too quickly? In Canada they come out tooo slow. The best phone I can get is a samsung galaxy S II, but only if I buy it at newegg for $700.  The newest phones availible in my province are Sony Ecricsson Play and the Iphone 4. . . 

No good HTC phones or new Droid phones

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